CAD Services

At Premier CAD Solutions, we offer a wide variety of CAD services on both an on-site and remote basis - allowing us to either work alongside other engineers or work remotely using our own hardware and software, whilst keeping the customer informed at every step of the process. The option of working remotely allows us to keep our operating costs to a minimum, which in turn allows us to pass on these cost savings to our customers and maintain consistently low charges - all without compromising the quality of work delivered or the agreed delivery date.

Premier CAD Solutions can supply data in native CATIA V5 (R18, R19, R20 and R21) and CATIA V5-6R2012/2013/2014 (R22, R23 and R24), as well as a wide variety of exchange formats including STEP, IGES, STL and DXF. For on-site contracts, we can supply engineers that specialise in CATIA V6/Enovia V6 software. We have a large customer FTP portal where files can be uploaded or downloaded, and individual customers are given secure and fully encrypted access to ensure data security at all times. All work is fully guaranteed, and covered by 24/7 aftersales email and telephone support.

Remote CAD services offered by Premier CAD Solutions include:

2D to 3D Conversions

Drawings can be supplied in either paper or electronic format, and are then converted into fully-parametric CATIA models which can then be manipulated or developed as necessary - together with related detail drawings where required. We are happy to quote for small quantities of conversions, or alternatively have capacity to support wide scale legacy data remodelling.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Car Lateral Linkage Suspension Car Alloy Wheel Motorcycle Race Swingarm Motorcycle Yoke

CAD Data Format Conversions

CAD data can be converted between various formats, with additional checks undertaken to ensure data and model integrity following conversion. CAD formats include STEP, IGES, CGR, 3DXML for 3D data, and DXF, DWG, 3DXML and PDF for 2D data. Native CATIA models can also be converted to allow opening in earlier CATIA releases.

Surface Healing and Geometry Repair

Problematic surface data can be analysed and repaired wherever possible, using in-built surfacing tools within CATIA and utilising the Healing Assistant workbench. Common problems such as small gaps, tears and imperfections in surfaces can be resolved quickly and robustly, and any deviation from the original surface clearly shown to enable confidence in the finished surfaces.

Solid Modelling and Assembly Work

Solid CATIA models can be created from a variety of different specifications - ranging from basic sketches to more detailed design specifications. All models supplied are fully parametric, meaning they can be manipulated and subsequently developed by the customer. We also offer a variety of assembly work within CATIA, building up assemblies using models created either by ourselves or supplied by our customers - this can be done to free up valuable Designers' time to do more design work, or to undertake a variety of design and assembly checks at early stages of the design process.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Exercise Bike Exhaust Manifold and Pipework Car Radiator and Fan car Wishbone Suspension Car Exhaust Manifold Vehicle B-Pillar

Surface Modelling and Surface Analysis

Surface CATIA models can be created from a variety of different specifications - ranging from basic design ideas, more detailed design specifications or cloud point data. All models supplied are fully parametric, allowing subsequent manipulation and development by the customer. A range of surface analysis is also available - allowing designs to be checked for surface quality, appearance, continuity and light reflection properties. As well as the model itself, various exchange formats can be supplied such as IGES or STL files.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Car Boot Panel Car Spare Wheel Recess Panel Plastic Toolbox Surface Reconstruction Comparison

Sheetmetal Modelling and Flat Profiles

Sheetmetal CATIA models can be created from a wide variety of different specifications - ranging from basic sketches to more detailed design specifications. All models supplied are fully parametric, allowing subsequent manipulation and development by the customer. As well as supplying the sheetmetal geometry, together with any detailed drawings that are required, we can also supply developed profiles of sheetmetal parts.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Car Multimedia Unit Tray Car Multimedia Unit Back Plate Drive Enclosure

Digital Mockup (DMU)


Digital mockup techniques can be employed to analyse design concepts in a variety of areas, such as design for assembly and disassembly, kinematic and spatial analysis. Using digital mockup prevents the need for costly prototypes to be made and physical tests undertaken, and can be performed earlier in the design process – offering the customer potential advantages in getting design concepts to market in a reduced timeframe. Digital mockup offers the further advantage that any modifications can be made earlier in the design process, further reducing lead time and product development cost.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Gearbox Casting Model Comparison

Kinematic Mechanism Analysis

Mechanisms can be fully modelled within CATIA and simulated using DMU Kinematics software to simulate motion and calculate various parameters relating to individual areas of the mechanism - such as acceleration and angular velocity. Video files (independant of CATIA and viewable on any computer) can be produced showing the movement of the mechanism, and graphical plots made of the various parameters with respect to time and other input parameters.

CNC Machining Programming

Premier CAD Solutions offer a comprehensive CNC machining programming service, including Lathe Machining, Prismatic Machining, Surface Machining and Advanced Machining. CNC programming is typically performed on customer-supplied data, although it can also be undertaken on design and development projects to provide an all-inclusive service from concept design to manufacture.

Computer-Aided Design Optimisation Studies

Where component function is critical, design optimisation studies can be undertaken to determine optimum values for various features within the design. Design optimisation studies can be combined with additional analysis (such as fatigue life analysis) to further improve component performance and intended service life.

Standard Part Catalogues and Part Families

Standard part catalogues can be supplied, either as readily-available standard catalogues (available for purchase via the website) or fully-customised catalogues suited to a companies exacting requirements. All standard parts are modelled to British and European standards and specifications, and each CAD model contains published geometry to facilitate fast and robust positioning within an assembly. For companies which supply families of parts in different configurations or sizes, part families can be created quickly and accurately - either with or without associated detail drawings.

Diagrams, Layout Drawings and Schematics


A wide range of isometric diagrams can be created, either from customer supplied CAD models, or alternatively from supplied sketches or drawings. Typical isometric diagrams produced include Replacement Parts Lists and Assembly Instructions, however we are flexible and able to cater for varying customer requirements. As well as offering a wide range of digital output formats, we can also supply printed diagrams on a wide range of media, and in varying quantities from single copies to high volumes.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Multi Gym Leg Press Assembly Instructions Exercise Bike Assembly Instructions Vehicle Seat Assembly Instructions Exercise Bike Assembly Instructions

Ergonomic and Anthropometric Analysis


Ergonomic and anthropometric studies can be used to determine ergonomic suitability of design concepts and potential modifications, at the stage where design modifications are relatively inexpensive. Studies can be undertaken on a wide variety of customer projects, and we can supplement customer design teams by re-evaluating and comparing design modifications against existing designs. Outsourcing ergonomic and anthropometric studies can avoid the need to purchase expensive CAD software, whilst also allowing design teams to concentrate on project development.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Model on Exercise Bike Model on Multi Gym Leg Attachment Vehicle Seat Layout Bootspace Capacity Study

CATIA V5 and V6 Training Courses

A wide range of training courses can be offered either on-site or at a training facility in Milton Keynes, and all training is given by fully qualified engineers and CAD specialists who use the software on a daily basis in a real engineering environment - ensuring trainees learn real-world techniques in addition to commonly taught material. As well as an extensive range of training courses, customised workshops can be held to allow groups of users to work through representative examples and practice on real-world data, whilst having the opportunity to be shown correct practices, shortcuts and additional techniques.

CATIA Macro Development

As well as having a library of off-the-shelf macros (available for purchase via the website), Premier CAD Solutions offer a bespoke macro development option whereby in-house programmers are able to design and test macros to a customers exact requirements. Investing in custom macros can save a company a significant amount of time, effort and expense by reducing the amount of time spent performing repetitive functions.

3D Rendering


Using CATIA V5's rendering capabilities, we are able to offer low-cost renderings to showcase potential designs and concepts. We can render customer supplied CAD models, or alternatively work from sketches or drawings to create the CAD models prior to the rendering itself. As well as offering a wide range of digital output formats, we can also supply printed renderings on a wide range of media – from standard printed images to larger displays used at conferences and exhibitions.

Examples of work (click to enlarge):

Rendered Vehicle B Pillar Rendered Plastic Toolbox Car Radiator and Fan Rendered Vehicle Alloy Wheel