Engineering Services

Engineering services offered by Premier CAD Solutions include:

Conceptual Product Design

Conceptual product design can be undertaken for any size of project, from single part designs to complex assemblies. Our in-house design engineers can work closely with customers to capture the required design intent and ensure a sensible balance between the requirements of the customer and end-user as well as respecting engineering limitations and ensuring excellent product reliability. Premier CAD Solutions can be trusted to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Engineering Design and Development

Engineering design and development support can be provided either on-site at a customer location, or in-house utilising a wealth of engineering experience and knowledge. Premier CAD Solutions are capable of taking a product from conceptual design through to a finished design ready for manufacture, and can even help with the sourcing of components and facilitate in getting products manufactured and assembled.

Engineering and Design Support

As well as offering complete engineering design and development services, we are able to offer short- or long-term engineering and design support to our customers. Support can be provided on-site or remotely, and packages tailored to suit a customers exact requirements.

Press Tooling Design and Development

A comprehensive press tooling design and development service is available, ranging from minor CAD modifications of existing tool models to the design of punches, dies and complete press tools.

Cast and Mould Tooling Design and Development

Premier CAD Solutions offer cast and mould tooling design and development, and are able to work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the delivered design is exactly what the customer requires. We have an extensive range of CAD capabilities relating to mould tool design, including injection mould tools and composite layup mould tools.

Structural, Vibration and Thermal Analysis

Stress Analysis studies can be undertaken, from single part analysis and optimisation studies, to assemblies with multiple components and varying degrees of complexity. Analysis results can be tailored to a customers' requirements, and advice available in areas such as stress reduction, avoidance of over-engineering and mass reduction. We are happy to quote for single analyses or longer term projects, and have access to a wide range of FEA software including CATIA Structural Analysis and Abaqus.

Jig and Fixture Design and Development

Jig and fixture design can be undertaken for any size of project, ranging from simple weld jigs, positioning or holding fixtures, to more complex assembly fixtures. Designs can be tailored to a customers’ requirements, such as following a similar design to existing company jigs or fixtures, or employing the use of components from specific manufacturers or standard parts catalogues. As well as providing CAD models and drawings, together with any other technical information required, we are happy to provide quotations for manufacture and supply of jigs and fixtures where required.

Reverse Engineering Projects

Products can be fully reverse engineered to a customers requirements, including CAD modelling and detail drawing, material analysis and specification, design improvements, the addition of unique features and design optimisation for various manufacturing processes. Products can be reverse engineered from either physical samples or scanned cloud point data supplied by the customer, and engineering advice is available on intended production routes and product feasibility.

Engineering Cost-Down Projects

Cost down projects can be undertaken on existing products in production, or designs which are being considered for manufacture. By using advanced CAD techniques and applying engineering knowledge and experience, we are able to help reduce costs in products without sacrificing their ability to function or impacting on durability or reliability in a negative way.

Tolerancing and Fit Optimisation Studies

Tolerancing and fit optimisation studies can be undertaken to ensure optimum product performance and reliability, as well as preventing excessive wear, premature component failure or unnecessary costs due to over-engineering.

Electrical Harness Design

Electrical harnesses can be designed accurately using CATIA's Electrical Harness discipline, and modelled in such a way so that subsequent modification is straightforward and design changes can be accommodated easily and with relatively little effort. Electrical harnesses can be designed in-context of small or large assemblies, and 3D models supplied of the harness for appraisal and checking purposes.

Product Documentation - RPL's, Instructions, etc.

A wide range of isometric diagrams can be created, either from customer supplied CAD models, or alternatively from supplied sketches or drawings. Typical isometric diagrams produced include Replacement Parts Lists and Assembly Instructions, however we are flexible and able to cater for varying customer requirements. As well as offering a wide range of digital output formats, we can also supply printed diagrams on a wide range of media, and in varying quantities from single copies to high volumes.

Fatigue Analysis

By using advanced Abaqus analysis software, it is possible to complete comprehensive fatigue life analysis of components - giving the customer a greater confidence of a design's ability to withstand design stresses whilst ensuring a component will meet the required fatigue life without premature failure. Where premature failure is likely to occur within a component, our engineers can advise on potential design improvements to overcome the problem safely and with minimal cost.

CFD Flow Analysis

Premier CAD Solutions are able to offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis using advanced analytical software in-house. As with structural analysis, specialists are available with specific experience in engineering and the application of the software to real-world problems, and are also able to advise on possible design improvements to improve flow and reduce turbulence within gas and liquid flows.